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I support several yaoi pairings. I am male and this is a blog to ship almost anything Homestuck, Hetalia, [K] project, and many many others.

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best episode XD 


Jason putting a bell around Nico’s neck sounds so kinky to me, when I read that part XD


So yeah.
Leo and Jason got drunk
Jason got waaayyyyyy too drunk and told Leo stuff
Leo then told Nico
So yeah
They don’t remember anything the next day.
Also, Leo’s phone is hard to type with so there was a lot of misspellings considering autocorrect it turned off.


Okay so I’m now officially a jasico shipper


love means pain



captnmerrica sent:

There were times while Bucky was in some HYDRA base, when they'd wake him up for a mission and it'd be like waking up out of a dead sleep. He would open his eyes, and for a minute, he was in his barracks during the war. Steve would be there, holding onto his arm, pulling him out of bed for the day. It was warm and bright. He'd blink again, and it was all gone. The hand holding him by the arm wasn't Steve, it was some HYDRA lackie. But for a split second, he was happy for phantom limbs.



"And lighter."
"Do you want me to kiss you or not, jerk?"
"Sir, yes, sir!" [x]

one of these days I’m gonna actually draw something that isn’t so disgustingly fluffy I feel my teeth rotting just from looking at it. today however is not that day. I blame those photos [x], [x]

well, Stucky was bound to happen in my art, rIGHT? god i need a therapy (also, if you look closely, in the background photo Steve is grabbing his left boob. I regret nothing)




Four Emmys to Johnlock. on We Heart It.


I’ve used and abused my summer break to get more obsessed with this show and the cast and crew and the life-destroying ships and more.

Time well spent.



oh my fucking GOD

i dont care how many times ive reblogged this

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*wildly appears in the tag*

RIN AND REI OUTFLIRTING EACH OTHER. Think about it. Just imagine them with blushes and restraining themselves. JUST THINK.

*flutters away*

MakoRin drabble (anon request): NSFW (maid!Rin, Rin wearing panties, fingering)


Makoto and Rin have been fooling around together long enough for Makoto to know exactly what gets the redhead flustered and gasping. Rin’s old maid uniform is a new addition to their fun, and the boy’s been blushing ever since he’d slipped into it. 

 They’ve got Makoto’s house all to themselves and Makoto’s spent the time doing nothing more than kissing up Rin’s legs and massaging them. Rin’s wearing these adorable black thigh highs and Makoto likes to roll down the fabric a few inches and suck at the shaven skin there. 

“I like your legs like this,” Makoto mumbles against the skin. He’s slow to make his way up Rin’s leg and when he finally lifts the hem of Rin’s dress up, he pauses just when Rin tenses.

“Y-You’re wearing panties?” Makoto breathes out and stares. Rin’s wearing a cute pair of white panties, his hard cock is peeking out the top and the fabric’s damp from where precome has leaked.

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